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Al-Yousuf Enterprises (AYE) is a leading performer in the field of HR Consultancy and Recruitment. We are a highly reputed and well-recognized firm in the field of manpower necessity, candidate procurement and the entire gamut of training and readying the workforce for the industry. It’s a huge responsibility that we shoulder to prepare manpower, making them job-ready and ready to face the world.

We have been actively involved in this pursuit for the last 35 years and we continue to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the recruiting companies and the needs of the workforce itself. It is important here, to pause and analyse the requirements, needs and expectations of the job seekers and candidates who put immense faith in us, to build a secure future for them and hence their families. We work hard, every day to live up to the expectations and emerge victorious in this pursuit above all.

It gives us immense satisfaction to continue our efforts in helping to employ the professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in hundreds of companies spanning the Middle-east areas and Gulf region, across industries. The energy is channelized to achieve our goals, under the able guidance and leadership of Mr. Mohammed Arfan Yusuf GM of Al-Yousuf Group.

Devoted to the staffing needs of the clientele and the employment needs of our direct stakeholders, the job-seekers, we at Al-Yousuf are a learning-driven and improvement oriented organization, always striving to deliver only the best. If you want to know more about us please do not hesitate to drop a email CEO@alyousufent.com

From Management Desk

It gives me great pleasure to say a few words about our esteemed organization, Al-Yousuf Enterprises (AYE). We are one of the leading players in our domain and take pride in our work. We have been fortunate to operate successfully in the field of HR Consultancy and Recruitment.

AYE has been active for over 30 years now and we have been providing professional skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower to hundreds of companies in the Middle-East and the Gulf region, across industries. Over the years our consultancy has smoothly managed to fulfill the manpower requirements of business groups on one hand and constantly generating rewarding job opportunities for the Indian job seekers on the other. And it has been a case of 'Right Man for the Right Job' in more ways than one, always.

AYE as a customer centric organization values your interest and thanks you for your valuable time. If you want to know more about us do not hesitate to drop a mail at ceo@alyousufent.com. We assure you of our best services as always and we will strive utmost to implement your suggestion.

About Us

1984. The year when it all began. Al-Yousuf, a leading HR Consultancy and Recruitment firm, was born out of a need to satisfy job-seekers and employers alike. With corporate offices in the city of Mumbai, Mangalore and in Gulf regions, Al-Yousuf is a prominent player in the field of training and recruitment.

We are growing from strength to strength, led by our dynamic CEO, Mr. Safwan Shaikh who is devoted to delivering the best quality services offered globally. It is this pursuit that drives us to work to the best of our potential. Armed with a talented group of young professionals who are spearheading development and progress in this field, we at Al-Yousuf have completed more than 3.5 decades of successfully training and enabling recruitment of thousands of candidates.

Client satisfaction is at the root of our every action and we strongly believe that it can only be successfully done with thorough research and analysis of the candidates. It is with this knowledge that we tread this path and continually deliver quality results.

Vision & Mission

We exist to extend our expertise to train, nurture and groom excellent talent to be recruited by clients, thereby satisfying the needs of both the ends. Our pursuit in this direction is supported by a talented team, driven to deliver the best services.

We aim to be a market leader and the choice for leading corporate for recruiting and HR consultancy. This is achieved through continued improvement and an impactful customized approach and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.


AYE is in recruitment business since 1984. Managed by the second generation of Founder , it is one of the top ranking organization with offices in Mumbai, Mangalore and the Gulf region. Our CEO, Mr.Safwan Y Shaikh, is a young dynamic visionary who has high stakes in the success of the business and aims to make AYE one of the global leaders in the HR Consulting & Recruitment.

The young entrepreneur is ably supported by professionals who are experts in their respective domains. Over the span of three decades, Al-Yousuf has recruited thousands of highly qualified skilled and semi skilled manpower and has established an excellent record of supplying an efficient and a loyal workforce to some of the world's best corporations.

Today we have clients from every industry and regions around the world. They come to us for a fresh approach to the issues that matter most to them again and again. And we give them the best customised solution after a rigorous analysis of their individual needs, situation and circumstances.


Certifications and registrations like these are awarded only to a selected few companies who fit the requirements and norms. It not only drives us to achieve more such recognition, but also to build trust and faith amongst our clientele. Such recognition also uplifts us to a pedestal, with a distinct advantage as against our peers. What is the most important of it all, is how we appeal to our direct stakeholders, those who are seeking employment through our services. This places greater responsibility on our shoulders, to act effectively and satisfy the job seekers.

Al-Yousuf is registered under Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (Govt. of India) R.C. : B – 0655/MUM/PER/1000+/4-1/4/7914/2007.

We are also registered and active members of the following:

  • Saudi Embassy, Mumbai – ID. 125
  • Saudi Cultural Attache's (New Delhi) - Attesation Service
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization – 43314/A/0001/UK/En
  • Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council – A 93
  • MCC Chamber of Commerce

The AWS is an enabler in more than one ways, since it also helps us member organizations to track the demand for welders through updates and thus satisfy the requirements.