Industry and Infrastructure:

Industrial growth has to be accompanies by infrastructure development. It is something that is crucial to a nation’s progress. With the pace of development over the globe, it is essential to focus on the infrastructure planning, development and construction. Not only does to amplify the future opportunities, but also makes the nation more appealing for foreign interest for travel or development. Infrastructure even decides the economic growth and hence the GDP growth of the nation.

Hospitality Professionals

The hospitality sector is one of the larger industries in the world. In fact, the hospitality industry is one of the main sources of revenue of most countries. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that hospitality jobs are very important. Hospitality jobs have many areas and one is always free to choose the one that will interest him.

We at Al-Yousuf Enterprise help the hospitality industry to meet the challenge with flexibility staffing. The organization has the necessary base to recruit and train the workforce which in turn can meet the high standards of the hospitality sector. Meeting the needs of the industry is a constant test

Catering : We have organized a recruitment campaign with many of the leading Catering Companies in Gulf and recruited Catering Supervisor, HSE Supervisor, Indian and Western Cooks, Servers, waiters, Helpers etc. So we are in a position to help our clients in recruiting the best of people from this Industry.

Restaurant / Fast Food Chains/Cafe : Al-Yousuf has a solutions driven and very knowledgeable team in the dynamic area and ever evolving market of Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Cafe and Retail Catering.

FMCG / Dairy : We have very good database for FMCG / Dairy Industries and our team knowledge about the locations of such Industries in India, where we can source the candidates.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts :Al yousuf Enterprise dedicated team has network and understanding about the dynamics of these setors. We also employ excutive seraches, advertised selection and contingency based recruitement solutions depending on the nature & level of needs

Oil Rig (Oshore / OffShore)

Working on the Drilling Rigs is considered as one of the toughest jobs. It comprises of massive structures housing equipment used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas extraction wells. For instance working for days together in the middle of the sea or hot desert is not that everyone prefers. Manpower for such onerous tasks is very hard to get.

Drilling is the most crucial process and as such accounts for the largest segment of the Gulf workforce. Drilling new wells efficiently and then maintaining them requires the company to employ a large number of engineers and other professionals. With the increasing global demand for oil, Gulf countries are expanding their crude outputs. For this a company requires a number of engineers and other professionals. To do this the company seeks to expand the number of engineers & other professionals it employs. But Al-Yousuf has catered to even these needs and provided manpower to companies engaged in drilling activities. Our expert recruitment team through customised search and innovative approach has managed these tasks as well.

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