Alyousuf was born out of a need to satisfy the skilling requirements of the recruits. In India the workforce employeed in companies is given little or no tranining at times, in order to produce international standers work, without sufficient tranining or help. A regulart industry worker emplyees with a manufacturing corporate needs to be trained not only for the job at hand, but also in the various internatioanl standards to be adhered to norms to colply with and the required quality of product to be achieved. This tranining enhances the strngths and works on improving on the weaknesses of the workforce, readying them for good quality work.

Technical Training & Trade Testing :

  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Electrical & Electronic
  • Mechanical & Plumbing
  • Civil
  • Heavy Equipment & Transport Vehicle

Non-Technical Course :

  • PTW - Permit To Work , Course with Certification
  • OSHA - Safety / HSE , Course with Certification
  • CAD - Auto-cad and 3DMax
  • First Aid and CPR Courses

Our company provides the key to solve the following problems :

  • Builds a bridge between talent pool and client companies
  • Assists in training the talent pool for effective services
  • Provides demonstrations to recruits and review of the candidates
  • Undertakes critical examination and review of the candidates
  • Reriders the candidates job-ready and appropriately skilled
  • Tutors the candidates with expert lectures and technical training

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